Writing Information

This year, students will…

  • Closely analyze works of literature in essays
  • Craft compelling, well-researched arguments
  • Develop an engaging voice in both narrative and expository writing
  • Improve understanding and usage of the conventions of English

As their teacher, I will…

  • Guide them through the writing process
  • Help them discover ideas worth writing about
  • Hold them accountable for using proper writing conventions
  • Empower them with writing skills that help them become confident writers

Reading Information

This year, students will…

  • Learn how to write more deeply about texts of all kinds – novels, short stories, dramas, graphic literature, nonfiction, poetry
  • Make connections to books that will keep them engaged and interested in reading

As their teacher, I will…

  • Preserve and nurture their enjoyment of reading
  • Improve their ability to communicate insights
  • Present them with texts that challenge them
  • Provide reading choices that motivate them

Parents, please be part of the support system!

  • Encourage your children to read every day.
  • Encourage your children to maintain high standards and quality in their writing.
  • Encourage your children to reach out to me when they are struggling, either by email or during extra help.
  • Model reading habits for them – discuss what you are reading, whether it is a novel, the news, a professional journal, or something that can provoke a discussion.
  • Model writing habits for them – remind them why it is important to develop effective communication skills.

Working Independently

  • At all times, either in class or on their own, students will be reading books, novels, articles, stories, plays, or poems.
  • At all times, either in class or on their own, students will be writing about what they are reading, or about their own personal ideas and experiences.
  • On a quarterly basis, students will complete at least one major reading and writing project that will involve extended independent work time.
  • Occasionally, students will complete skill practice or vocabulary review exercises that will require independent study and review.